Bing Hei Tou Lou is the Wing Tsun Academy’s contemporary weapon course programme. Learn about Wing Tsun traditional weapons here

Bing Hei Tou Lou runs in parallel to the regular Wing Tsun classes, and is in line with the open hand forms and provides a new dimension to your Wing Tsun training.  The type of weapons are taught in a sequential order, i.e. you need to complete the prior courses before more senior levels. Students first use rattan sticks (kali) both single and double. After completing the prerequisite stick courses the planned levels are:

Expandable Batons – legal to carry, steel and aluminum batons that can be extended to around 3X their retracted length and can weigh as little as 100 grams.
Knives – a knife fighting  style that focuses primarily on slashes and cuts.
Ropes and chains – an incredibly challenging skill to learn, but one that can make many every day items including: belts, clothing, towels etc, a weapon.
Available (spontaneous weapons) – use on hand objects such as: bottles, broom sticks, glasses, kitchen implements.
Performance Sticks** – a beautiful and challenging method of using double sticks as a physical art that is also beneficial for health and fitness.
**Performance sticks run in parallel with the other contemporary weapons courses.


Please express you interest to be invited to register for the next BHTL Level 1 course

Planned Course Dates:
13/05/2017, 27/05/2017, 10/06/2017, 24/06/2017, 08/07/2017

Planned Course Time:
Saturdays: 2:40pm – 3:25pm

Members must have joined on or before before 13/02/2017.

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