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Wing Tsun Academy for Children

Welcome to the Wing Tsun Academy. The Wing Tsun Academy is committed to the Kung Fu (Chinese Martial art) of Wing Tsun Kuen (Wing Chun) The training method provides students with a sound basis for developing the practical and theoretical aspects of Wing Chun. If you are new to Wing Chun and may be interested in learning it, please take a moment or two to find out what makes Wing Chun so different to other martial arts.

Joining the Wing Tsun Academy

To provide quality instruction we take new students in groups every 2 to 6 weeks.

  • Your first class will be with other people who are also new to the Wing Tsun Academy. This creates a supportive and encouraging training environment, and you will not have to join a class of experienced people by yourself.
  • The people in your group will all be of a similar level so the teachers can spend more time on content that is relevant to you.

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The Wing Chun System. To use an analogy, the Wing Chun System teaches martial arts similar to how one would teach the game of Chess. First one needs to learn how the different pieces move, then one needs to develop an understanding of the individual pieces strengths and weaknesses, followed by developing an appreciation of strategy. Like with chess, training with different partners will provide the opportunity to learn how to apply ones knowledge and how to respond to different actions and styles of different opponents. This is a sound and continuous preparation for a “real” situation, as all situations, environments and opponents create a unique combination, to which the Wing Chun practitioner will respond purposefully and with an open mind. Unlike most other martial arts styles, Wing Chun drills are not rehearsals or set moves, rather a means to develop an understanding or the energy, applicability, suitability, timing, strategy and other aspects of one’s response.

Wing Tsun Academy’s Children Martial Art Programme

The programme is designed to introduce and foster the values and benefits of martial arts that can be applied to home, school life and other sports.

It promotes physical and social confidence, while supporting mental balance, discipline and physical fitness through focused aerobic activities.

Training is non aggressive and involves fluid movements making it easier on joints. Session are paced to provide children with an enjoyable aerobic workout.

The programme aims to support the mental and physical development of girls and boys, including those who do less well in team sports.

There is a strong focus on fun and variety. Wing Tsun Academy’s Children Martial Art Programme focuses on learning how to think quickly, adapt and respond unique and interesting situations. Each class the teacher strives to find the perfect balance between fun, variety, discipline, following instructions, teamwork and building individual confidence.

Kids and Martial Arts

Enrolling in Wing Tsun Academy’s Kung Fu Kids class is an excellent way to increase your child’s participation in sport and healthy physical activity. Kids who do Kung Fu, from an early age, tend to do better in other sports. Physical competency such as increased: strength, flexibility, agility and hand eye co-ordinaton, gained through kids martial arts cross over to any sports played in parallel, or later in life. Engaging in fun and enjoyable physical activity like Kung Fu kids, as a child, is crucial to developing a positive relationship with exercise that can lead to lifelong benefits.

Sensitivity and Speed. The teaching of Wing Chun is based on the Wing Chun “forms” and Wing Chun Maxims allowing the student to develop sensitivity and understanding with the objective to develop the ability to respond to each situation through muscle memory. This provides a fast response to any situation rather than having to learn a set response to every possible variation of attack.

 Fitness and Flexibility. The fitness training in our foundation classes are suitable for all levels. You are able to work at your own pace, gradually building up in difficulty as your fitness improves. The focus is on safe, body weight exercise, designed to reduce the risk on the joints, while providing the maximum possible benefit to: strength, power, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Flexibility, agility, balance and core strength all important for Wing Chun are also trained.

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