Contemporary Weapons (Bing Hei Tou Lou)

Course Details:

This course is taught several times per year. We will contact people who have registered before the start of the course in order to enroll.

Course Focus:     The course teaches the use of various weapons (starting with rattan/kali sticks) using the principles of Wing Tsun.

Course Content:

Level 1 – includes general introduction, conditioning, fundamental movements and handling

Level 2 – is focused on improved stick motoric, patterns and methods of striking

Level 3 – introduces 2 person drills

Higher levels

Once a student has mastered the safe handling of sticks they may be invited to learn other weapons.


Students will be first taught how to handle a stick correctly as the basis of learning all other weapons. Once the motoric and principles can be applied to sticks they can be converted to other weapons

Contemporary Weapons - Registration of Interest