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Grading Notification

Qualifying Status


Green: The student’s average attendance indicates that they are expected to have achieved the minimum attendance points to grade.
Yellow: The student is at risk to not achieve the minimum attendance points to grade.

Foundation Class - Qualifying Grading Candidates

Grading LevelQualifying Status (attendance)
Olly ChapmanOrange BadgeOrange
Juan BrigueraOrange BadgeOrange
Ian De ZousaOrange BadgeGreen
Adam TohOrange ShirtOrange
Dieter FourieOrange ShirtGreen
Gecko KerrOrange ShirtGreen
Solomon ArcherOrange ShirtGreen
Louise PetersOrange ShirtGreen
Zed PrincOrange ShirtOrange
Ryan RahlOrange ShirtOrange
Bryn SussexOrange ShirtOrange
Dune PatrickOrange ShirtGreen

Grading Schedule

Grading Notification Published28/10/2021
Registration Open28/10/2021
Registration Close5/11/2021
Grading Qualification Part 1 (Fitness)Cancelled
Grading Qualification Part 2 (Application and Theory)6/11/2021Attend your class at the usual time.
Grading 20/11/2021Grading will start at 1:30pm and finish between 2:30 and 4:00pm. Members who are not grading should not attend.
If you are unable to attend the Grading at the set dates, but would still like to grade, please see a Sifu to discuss options.