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Grading Notification

Qualifying Status


Green: The student’s average attendance indicates that they are expected to have achieved the minimum attendance points to grade.
Yellow: The student is at risk to not achieve the minimum attendance points to grade.

Foundation Class - Qualifying Grading Candidates

Grading LevelQualifying Status (attendance)
CarlOrange BadgeGreen
FrankOrange BadgeGreen
KamiOrange BadgeGreen
KarenOrange BadgeGreen
KiraOrange BadgeGreen

Grading Schedule

Grading Notification Published31/08/2022
Registration Open31/08/2022
Registration Close5/09/2022
Grading Qualification Part 1 (Fitness)Cancelled
Grading Qualification Part 2 theoryTo be confirmed
Grading Qualification (application) and Grading 10/09/2022Grading will start at 1:15pm and finish between 2:30 and 3:00pm. Members who are not grading should not attend.
If you are unable to attend the Grading at the set dates, but would still like to grade, please see a Sifu to discuss options.