Training and Classes

Individual-based Training / Consultation

Individual Based Lessons are for 1 – 4 participants. In the case there are more than 1 participant a group requires a foreperson, who is responsible for the payment of the lesson fees, and arranging the training times.

Lesson content is provided by the Instructor, although students are welcome to let the Instructor know of: questions, problems areas, or areas of interest that they wish to focus on during the lesson.

Sifu Zhou

Attendance Points:
One student – 6
Two to four students – 4

Individual Lessons with Sifu Zhou are to help students to catch up, gain a deeper understanding, troubleshoot areas of difficulty, and if members wish to progress faster in the system.

30 minutes                                 – $40.00 + gst ($46 incl.)
45 minutes                                 – $60.00 + gst ($69 incl.)
1 hour                                        – $80.00 + gst ($92 incl.)
Each additional participant         – $8.00 + gst ($9.20 incl.)


Attendance Points:
One student – 10
Two to four (by special arrangement)

Individual Lessons with Dai Sifu are for members to gain an understanding of Wing Tsun in application or to receive review and feed back in a particular area of Wing Tsun.

40 minutes                                  – $120.00 incl

Each additional participant         – by arrangement
*(allow for additional time in case the class runs over)
Learn how to pay by favour

Consultation and Theory Session (both Sifus)

A Consultation Session held by Dai-Sifu and Sifu together and can be booked for $43 plus GST for ten minutes, minimum 30 minutes (recommended duration is 50 minutes).


Arranged lessons and consultations are to be paid in advance and are non-refundable or changeable. If a reason of extraordinary circumstances is accepted as a reason to postpone than a credit towards a replacement lesson may be given. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given 50% of the lesson fee may be credited towards a replacement lesson.

Individual Based Training Application

  • Please select the Sifu you are applying to have Individual Based Training with.
  • Additional Participants