The Wing Tsun Academy’s self-defence courses are designed for those who are not currently able to commit to regular martial arts practice, but want some tools for personal protection.

Of course, self-defence courses cannot compare to the skills acquired from dedicated martial art practice. But rather, aim to provide such tools as can be acquired within a limited amount of time, as well as, soft skills like increased confidence, de-escalation, situational awareness and threat and risk assessment.

Enrolment Details:

After registering interest, we contact you to arrange inclusion in our next self-defence course.

Course Focus:     The courses is designed to teach you how to respond to a variety of different self defence scenarios. It can also provide you with self-defence techniques to help to bridge the gap between learning Wing Tsun and developing the skill level to apply the learning.

Course Content:       The course aims to cover responses to the most common attacks – male on female and male on male / female on female as appropriate.

Registration of Interest


Whats is difference between martial arts and self-defence?



learning set responses to set attacks

moves are selected based on their likelihood of need, rate of success and the ease in which they can be learned

designed for people who are not yet able to train in martial arts regularly and want to increase their ability to defend themselves


Martial arts


learning skills, techniques and abilities that can be applied in a range of situations.

martial arts can lead to improvement in many areas of one’s life such as, self discipline, mindset, relaxation, calmness, fitness and flexibility

martial arts is a way of life, something that you would strive to incorporate as a lifelong practice, due to the many benefits

fosters commitment and dedication