Self-defence is not a 1 to 1 replacement for the benefits of learning a martial art, but it is far better than having nothing and hoping that you will be lucky

If you are not practicing martial arts regularly, every person should attend a self defence course at least once per year.

Enrollment Details:

We will contact interested people before the start of the next course for enrollment.

Course Focus:     The course is designed to teach the participant how they could respond in particular self-defense scenarios. It is designed to give some practical skills to those not interested in learning martial arts or to bridge the gap between learning martial arts and having the skill level to apply them.

Course Content:       The course will cover responses to the most common attacks – male of female and male on male / female on female as appropriate.

The difference between martial arts and self-defence

Martial art

– focuses on learning skills, techniques and abilities that can be applied in a range of situations.

– practicing martial arts can lead to cross over improvement in many areas of ones life. For example: discipline, mindset, fitness and mobility

– is a way of life, something that you would strive to incorporate as a lifelong practice, due to the many benefits

– requires commitment and dedication to acquire a high level


– focuses on learning set responses to set attacks

– moves are selected based on their likelihood and speed in which they can be learned

– irregular training is ok



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