Member Area

Member Assistance

Please note that all exemption requests must be applied for and granted in advance, no exemptions or discounts will be granted retrospectively. With the exception of personal injury or sudden illness all exemptions and discounts require a 4 weeks notice period.

WTA Sponsorship Programme

Apply to have extra training sponsored by the Wing Tsun Academy.

Extended absence from training (on hold, pause membership payments)

If you are planning to be away from training for 12 weeks or longer, use this form to apply for an exemption of your monthly membership fee.

Request Financial Support

If you are experiencing financial hardship, which could prevent you from continuing to train, use this form to request a reduction in your regular membership fees.

Request to have your fees reduced, if you have been impacted financially by COVID-19

If you have been severely financial impacted by COVID-19 and cannot afford your fees, use this form to request to have your fees reduced.

Pay for Classes by Doing Favours

Pay for Individual-based training with Dia Sifu, or your membership fee by paying with a favour in return.

Maintain skill When Unable to Attend Regular Classes

The Skill Maintenance Programme is for members who areĀ unable to attend regular classes but wish to maintain their skills.

Catch up after you have been unable to attend

You are able to request a catch up lesson if you have been unable to attend classes for 8 weeks or longer.

Our thanks to you after observing a Stand-down period

You are able to request to use a credit received for observing a Stand-down period

Request to Defer your Regular Fee

If you will not have sufficient funds for the Direct Debit to be successful, use this form to defer your Regular Fee