WTA Courses

The Wing Tsun Academy is a full scale martial arts school. We strive to offer what might be found at a traditional martial arts gym, dojo, gwun or temple, adapted to suit the busy lives of modern people. This means, we offer much more than just punches, kicks, grips and throws. We teach everything from meditation to weapons classes.

At a traditional martial arts temple, some students could be focusing on meditation and philosophy and and some could be primarily interested in physical training. There are people who train everyday all year and some who train part time or during only part of the year. Similarly, at the Wing Tsun Academy you can customise your training to suit your individual goals and available time.

The Wing Tsun Academy offers a range of courses that are available to non members. These courses are designed to deepen and broaden the training of members and to be of benefit to those who cannot commit to taking up a martial art but are interested in aspects of traditional martial arts practice.



Wooden Man

Course Details:

The course is taught by arrangement. The Wing Tsun Academy has 5 Wooden men and can accommodate individuals or groups of up to 5 people.

Course Focus:     The course focuses on using the Wooden Man for to supplement the existing training of martial artists who want to add Wing Tsun motions and principles to their training.

Course Content:       The course will cover the 8 sections of the IP Man Wooden Man, the principles that form their basis, examples of their application and how to work freely with the Wooden Man to substitute a human training partner.

Approach:     During each class one or more motions will be shown on the Wooden Man along with explanations of the principles and examples of their application. The student will have time to practice during the class. Addition self practice time on the wooden man can be arranged if the student does not own a Wooden Man.


Self Defence

Enrollment Details:

We will contact interested people before the start of the next course for enrollment.

Course Focus:     The course is designed to teach the participant how they could respond in particular self-defense scenarios. It is designed to give some practical skills to those not interested in learning martial arts or to bridge the gap between learning martial arts and having the skill level to apply them.

Course Content:       The course will cover responses to the most common attacks – male of female and male on male / female on female as appropriate.

Martial Art VS Self-defence

Martial art focuses on learning skills, techniques and abilities that can be applied in a range of situations.

Self-defence focuses on learning set responses to set attacks.






Applied Philosophy (Applied Bhuddism)

Enrollment Details:

We will contact interested people before the start of the next course for enrollment.

Course Focus:     The course is primarily concerned with identifying the possibilities and technique of applying the philosophy of Buddhism to one’s life.

Course Content:       The course will cover some basic historical information, but does not focus on knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but instead on applying knowledge for purpose of enhancing one’s quality of life.

Course Design

  …  IS designed:     The course is designed for participants who seek to identify the relevance of Buddhist philosophy in general, in today’s modern life, and for ones’ individual use.

  …  is NOT designed:     The course is not designed for participants who are interested in religion, spirituality, or in theoretical or academicals studies or comparisons.

Nature of Course:       The nature of the course is spiritual and religious free (i.e. participant with religious believes or other spiritual conviction are welcome, keeping the course design in mind). It is not a university lecture, not speeches of a guru, and not a cult or sect meeting. It is me (D.S. Kuhno) sharing an understanding, which I have gained through many knowledgeable, experienced and wise people, who were willing to share their wisdom with others.

Objective:     As indicated above, the objective of the course is to explore Buddhism-philosophy-based concepts and techniques that are beneficial in one’s life.

Approach:     During each class one or more aspect will be presented and reviewed as to their feasibility of being applied in life for the above purpose.  Participants have the opportunity to reflect and inquire, with the goal of reaching an understanding of a practical and useful nature.

The material and aspects covered may be adjusted in response to the needs and special interests of the participants.

In consideration of the course being part of WTA, some effort will be made to identify the reason and methods that made Buddhist (monk’s martial art superior)/(monks superior martial artists).

In Summary:     The course is to assist participants to discover the nature of Buddhist philosophy, and to identify its feasibility, its usefulness in today’s life, and its applicability for oneself as a pragmatic tool to deal with life’s hardships, support personal development, and to enhance personal performance.

Contemporary Weapons


Course Details:

Taught several times per year. We will contact interested people before the start of the course for enrollment.

Course Focus:     The course teaches the use of various weapons (starting with rattan/kali sticks) using the principles of Wing Tsun.

Course Content:

Level 1 – includes general introduction, conditioning, fundamental movements and handling

Level 2 – is focused on improved stick motoric, patterns and methods of striking

Level 3 – introduces 2 person drills

Higher levels

Once a student has mastered the safe handling of sticks they may be invited to learn other weapons.


Students will be first taught how to handle a stick correctly as the basis of learning all other weapons. Once the motoric an principle can be applied to sticks they can be converted to other weapons


Fitness Programme

Course Details:

The Course is taught 1 on 1 by arrangement.

Course Focus:     The course teaches Wing Tsun’s Traditional Weapons primarily for the pleasure of practicing the physical art of these beautiful weapons.

Course Content:       The course will cover the forms, self training exercises and 2 person drills

Level 1 – 6 and a Half Point / Dragon Pole Exercises

Level 2 – 6 and a Half Point / Dragon Pole Exercises

Higher levels

Once a student has mastered the safe handling of the dragon pole they may be invited to learn the 8 slashing knives and 2 person drills.


The traditional weapons are taught for enjoyment, exercise and cultural reasons. They are not taught to be applied. Traditional weapons particularly the long pole may build strength and skills learned using traditional weapons may enhance your martial arts practice but that is not the primary goal.