Fitness Programmes

We provide fitness programmes and classes for people looking to benefit from quality physical training based on a foundation of care for the body.

You do not need to be learning Wing Tsun to attend our fitness classes. They are for everyone and also designed for our Wing Tsun students wanting to accelerate their progress, or achieve a higher level of physical conditioning faster.

To meet your individual goals we offer four unique fitness programmes – Full Blast, Fighting Fit, Fit for Life, and Lone Wolf. Plus you may also choose to attend our individual fitness classes – VIIT, More Core, Flexibility, Martial Fitness

Why would I choose fitness at the Wing Tsun Academy?


Our martial arts gym (gwoon) incorporates the atmosphere of a Zen dojo (space for meditation). Developing your body here feels different from working out in a commercial gym and encourages mindful exercise and seeking mind-body connections.


Our fitness classes focus on safe, effective physical conditioning and care for the longevity of your body, rather than wearing it out pursuing short term goals.  A body that is well cared for will reward you with performance.


Our classes are designed by combining the latest in exercise science with traditional martial arts methods and Buddhist values.


The down to earth and positive nature of the students we attract, and the support of our teachers creates an uplifting experience.

Variable Intensity Interval Training

Days and Times:  Tuesday and Thursday – 6:15 to 7:00pm

This class is suitable for all fitness levels. We recommend you choose this class if you are new to fitness or want a enjoyable, full body, work out that balances working muscles and cardio


What to expect:

  • support, encouragement and careful instruction from an experienced personal trainers
  • all major muscles groups; upper and lower body
  • cardiovascular conditioning
  • variety of easy to use equipment and body weight based exercises

Days and Times:  Wednesday – 6:00 to 7:15pm

Martial Fitness is for martial artists who need exercises with more of a focus on marital arts than typical fitness classes or for people who enjoy martial arts focused exercises as a way of working out.

If you are new to fitness, we recommend participating in VIIT and Flexibility before joining this class.

What to expect:

  • cardio using martial arts strikes
  • dynamic and challenging motions
  • agility
  • coordination
  • mobility
  • flexibility

Days and Time: Thursday – 8:20 to 9:00pm

This Flexibility Class focuses on improving flexibility for martial art, general health and athletic performance.

This class was created to fill the need urban people have for a modern, effective, time efficient flexibility class. The most beneficial exercises are selected from a range of disciplines including gymnastics, dance, circus, physiotherapy, weightlifting as well traditional disciplines like yoga, and Kung Fu.

What to expect:

  • full body flexibility, all major problems areas
  • instruction on technique
  • guidance on effective stretching
  • help with overcoming plateaus
  • strengthening combined with flexibility

Days and Times:  Thursday – 5:30 to 6:00pm

Comprehensive core workout influenced by Pilates, yoga, TRX, gymnastics, boxing and martial arts.

What to expect:

  • focus and instruction on optimal form
  • complete core workout
  • stability and cross bracing
  • lower back, glutes
  • deep abdominal muscles
  • obliques

Private Studio – Just you and your trainer. You can choose your own music!


Experienced Trainer – More than 20 years involved in martial arts and 10 years personal training and teaching exercise to classes and groups.


Training tailored specifically to you:

  • exercises you enjoy
  • meet your goals faster through a personalised programme
  • detailed technique instruction
  • each session focuses on exactly what you need on any given day
  • you can choose from a range of fitness modalities, from martial art to lifting weights

Cardio – Core – TRX – Resistance Training – Kettlebells – Flexibility – Martial Art

Fitness Programmes

Full Blast


Twice Interval Training

Once Martial Fitness

Twice Flexibility

Once More Core

Once personal training (kettle bells)

Fighting Fit


Once Interval Training

Twice Martial Fitness

Once Flexibility

Fit for Life


Twice Interval Training


Lone Wolf


Once Personal Training (Strength & Cardio)

Once Personal Training (Cardio Boxing)