Grading Explained

Not Passing Qualification or Grading

If you did not qualify for grading or did not pass a grading, please find explanations and suggestions below. But first, please read carefully the section ‘Grading Explained’.


Generally speaking, if a student has not qualified in Attendance then the student is not ready for grading.  That means not ready to leave the current curriculum behind as completed and achieved and moving on to a new curriculum.  In such a situation we not only consider the student’s best interest, but also assess the possible negative impact on the student’s prospective training group.

The solution is for the student to achieve the attendance points.  This can be achieved by attending multiple classes per week, adding junior classes (not available for Foundation Class grades), adding Individual Classes (small group or one-on-one), or simply to continue until you accumulated enough points. We developed and offer many opportunities. You can choose whatever suits you and your circumstances best.


If a student does not pass the Mind-set assessment, then the student displayed significant disregard for key values of WTA. Often, the student in question does not relate to such a point or assessment, sees it as a personal matter or choice, or treats it as negligible.

WTA teaching of martial art includes the development of a right mind-set. While the extent of the development is part of a student’s personal achievement, adhering to basic values of WTA is essential.  A student who lacks such a mind-set, may not only not achieve the desired martial art skills, but also have a negative impact on our teaching and on fellow student’s learning opportunity.

The solution is to focus more on the WTA value system during class and making a strong effort to apply such values, at all times. WTA also offers Applied Philosophy classes, which may help to develop a better comprehension or empathy. If the student wishes to discuss the assessment, then the student has the option of applying for a Consultation and Theory Session. Follow the link for details and application.



If a student did not pass the Application Assessment, then the student either A) did not provide all the information requested, completely and correctly (including not correcting provided personal details that are not correct) or B) did not fulfil the WTA membership criteria, as document in the WTA Protocol.

In the case of A:  The solution is to provide the correct and complete information either at the next scheduled grading or to book an individual regrading, at the current rate for individual grading.

In the case of B:  The student has the option of applying for a Consultation and Theory Session. Follow the link for details and application.


Consultation Session

Individual Based Training